Important Message about Memberships

Wednesday, 3rd March 2021

Traditionally, subscriptions should be paid on the first Saturday in March, which would be the 6th March this year. However, most of the membership paid their 2020 subscription and the club agreed, due to the effect of the pandemic, to waive payment in 2021.

However, it is at this time each year that I am able to determine the exact number of members we have from the subscription records held by the Treasurer. This is important because it determines how much Affiliation Fee we have to pay Cumbria Bowling Association. Usually this is based on member numbers on the 1st October each year but due to the pandemic this year it will be based on member numbers as of the 1st May. What we have to pay CBA is a simple calculation - number of playing members @ £7 per member. To the best of my knowledge we currently have 64 members, 36 men and 28 ladies. 

Please let Club Secretary John Sibley know by the end of March if you do not wish to remain a member in 2021.