League Matches

Wednesday, 10th March 2021

A message from the Club Secretary 10/3/21.

As you will be aware the club participates in a number of leagues, namely:


  • Monday Afternoons - Stan Bragg League                       
  • Thursday Evenings - Carliol League                               
  • Friday Afternoons - Carliol Over 60's League                  


  • Tuesday Afternoons - Eden Valley League                       


  • Wednesday Afternoons - Cumbria League                        

Usually, at this time of year, notices for each of these leagues are displayed on the Bower noticeboards asking members to add their names if they wish to be considered for selection to play. Unfortunately the Bower is unlikely to be open to members for some time yet due to the current government restrictions. That being the case the Team Captains still need to know who is available for selection once the leagues commence, which is likely to be sometime in June. Although all the league fixtures are currently available on the club's website (except for the EVL) there are likely to be quite a few changes before we know exactly when each league will start. 

I would be grateful therefore if those members who wish to participate in the leagues respond to me by email as soon as possible (and before the 18th April please) and indicate which particular league(s) they wish to play in. The fact that you may be a new and/or inexperienced member should not prevent you from participating. Although playing in leagues is entirely different to playing in casual roll-ups, it is the quickest and easiest way to learn how to play the game properly.

So, once again, please let me know as soon as possible which league or leagues you wish to play and be considered for selection.

Thank you,

John Sibley

email: jsibley400@yahoo.com