Club Secretary's Newsletter April 2023

Sunday, 9th April 2023

News about opening day and other matters relating to the start of the lawn bowls season

Opening Day

Just a reminder that Opening Day this year is on Sunday 16th April. Arrangements for Opening Day have already been circulated, lunch is at 1pm followed by a photocall, then a “spider” and then a mixed jumble. Obviously much work is necessary to prepare for Opening Day and the forthcoming  season, volunteers to help will be most welcome. 

Green Maintenance 

You will all be aware that Rob Tapper is our Green Manager but you may not be aware of the help he receives from Bob Nicholls on a regular basis. Unfortunately Bob Nicholls has just undergone surgery and will not be able to assist Rob for some time. Rob would appreciate offers to help with cutting the green which in the summer months may need done at least twice a week. If anyone would like to help Rob please contact him on 01228/401451 or 07787557413.

Club Nights/Leagues

The club nights will start on Tuesday the 18th April. The Men's duty roster has been circulated separately. 

The various League starting dates are as follows:

Eden Valley League – Tuesday 25th April – Team Captain: David White

Stan Bragg League – Monday 8th May – Team Captain: John Sibley

Ladies Cumbria League – Wednesday 10th May – Team Captain: Hazel Jefferson

Carliol Thursday League – Thursday 11th May –  Team Captain: John Proctor

Carliol Over 55s League – Friday 12th May – Team Captain: Mike Scott

On display on the club notice boards are sheets for each League for members to indicate that they are interested in playing in the league teams. If you wish to participate ensure that your name is down on the league sheet you wish to play in. It is from these sheets that teams will be selected by the Team Captains. 

Club Competitions/Mixed Friendly Matches/Coronation Cup

Entry sheets for all the club competitions are now up on the notice boards with a closing date of 7th of May for entries. Also up on the notice board is the first of our mixed friendly matches away against Longtown BC on Sunday the 14th of May. 

We are introducing a new trophy this year to commemorate the coronation of King Charles III. It will be played for on Sunday the 7th of May, and thereafter on an annual basis. There is a sheet up on the notice board if you are interested in playing in this new competition. 

Club Tour 2023

We have reached our full complement of 50 for the tour. Everything is now in place and all the visits planned have been confirmed. Irvings Coaches have been informed of the programme of events and given timings and mileages involved. The Hotel has been given details of types of rooms required and has no problems with that so far. They will also arrange for handling the luggage on arrival. Orders will need to be taken for High Tea at Tinto House on the return journey but that can be dealt with nearer the time. Matches have been arranged as follows:

Saturday 20th May against Alyth and Blairgowrie, starting at 2pm; 
Sunday 21st May against Auchterarder and Crieff, starting at 2pm.

A letter is to go out shortly to all the tourists which will cover:

car parking arrangement at the club;
the full itinery;
dress code/number of woods required/tour pens; and
travel insurance.


The club has two qualified coaches, Geoff Hall and Carol Smith. Unfortunately Geoff is shortly to undergo surgery so will not be available for some time. However, Carol plans to start coaching sessions each Monday evening at 6pm, starting on Monday the 8th of May. She will be assisted by Chris Brader, who is part qualified, and Judith Clifford. It is recommended that new members take part in these sessions although they are open to any member if they wish to participate.

First Aid Courses

The Ladies Captain, Irene Scott, has taken on responsibility for first aid at the club. Irene has made enquiries about training courses and would like to know if any members would be interested in being trained in first aid. A notice about this is to be put up in the Bower shortly. If anyone is interested in being trained in first aid or have been trained in the past and would like a refresher course please Email Irene at the following address –, or alternatively telephone her on 01228/493437 or 07783164440.

Laws of the Sport of Bowls

There is a new edition of the Laws of the Sport of Bowls now available. The club is to get a free copy from Margaret Docherty, Secretary, Cumbria Bowling Association. If anyone wishes to have their own copy please contact Margaret Docherty on 01228/530901. It will cost you £5.85.

Other Club Tournaments

I have received a number of notices from various clubs about the tournaments they are holding throughout the season. There is not enough space on our notice boards to display them all so they are to be found in a plastic wallet pinned to the notice board and are in alphabetical order. If anyone wishes to enter any of their tournaments contact names are on the notices. Currently there are notices from Fitz Park Keswick, Kirkbride, Linton, Maryport, Whitehaven, and Wigton. More may follow and will be put in the plastic wallet.

Thank you. Enjoy the forthcoming season everyone.

John Sibley,  Secretary.                                                                    April 2023.