Arrangements for Opening Day

Monday, 19th February 2024

Information about Opening Day and the preparations needed beforehand



Opening Day this year will be on Sunday 14th April. Lunch will be served in the Bower at 1pm (please gather from 12.30pm). Lunch will cost £10. Lunch is, of course, optional but those wishing to participate MUST book beforehand (for catering purposes). To guarantee a ticket members are advised to add their names to the list displayed in the Bower. It would be appreciated if payment for the lunch could be made in advance at the Coffee Morning the 6th April. 

Members are reminded that it is traditional on this occasion to wear full club“uniform”. Unfortunately I suspect many of the newer members will not have full uniform in which case club shirt (or plain white shirt) & navy pullover will suffice, grey trousers for men and navy trousers for ladies.

After a photocall the Green will be officially opened at 2.30pm, followed by a “spider”and then a mixed jumble.

Cleaning/Working Party Days

Obviously much work is necessary to prepare for Opening Day and the ensuing season. 

Internal cleaning of the Bower will be carried out by the Ladies during the preceding week. Volunteers are asked to gather from 10am on Monday the 8th April and each day thereafter. A list of the duties involved will be available for those new members not familiar with the tasks to be carried out;

The Men will be responsible for cleaning their own toilet and locker room in the Bower and for all the outside areas and those who are able to assist will be welcome on a daily basis commencing from Monday the 25th March (after 10am). A list of the duties involved is attached and is also posted on the notice board to the left of the Men’s locker room. The duties listed are self-explanatory, anyone unsure of how to proceed with a particular duty contact Rob Tapper (Green Manager) or Stewart Elliott (Facilities Manager).  It would be appreciated if as many male members as possible come to help out, remember “many hands make light work”.

Green Maintenance

As most of you will know Rob Tapper is our Green Manager. It is unfortunate but Rob has not been in the best of health recently and we have concerns about future arrangements for maintaining the green. The possibility of bringing in outside help at some point has been discussed and is one of the reasons (but not all) why we have decided to increase the subscription level, which has not been increased since 2018. However Rob is very keen to continue in charge of the green and will continue to do so as long as he is able. Given the circumstances we would welcome volunteers to help out on the green. Anyone who might be interested in working on the green should initially contact Rob on 07787557413, or Stewart Elliot on 079180020230 and speak to them personally. Remember, the green is the bowling club, without it there will be no bowling! 


The league season commences on Tuesday the 23rd April, leaving very little time for members to practice outdoors. The club nights will start on Tuesday the 16th April. The league starting dates are as follows:

Stan Bragg League – Wednesday 8th May – Wigton (H)
Eden Valley League – Tuesday 23rd April – 
Ladies Cumbria League – Wednesday 22nd May – 
Carliol Thursday League – Thursday 2nd May – Subscription “A” (A)
Carliol Over 55's League – Friday 3rd May – Subscription “A” (A)

On display on the club notice boards are sheets for each League for members to indicate that they are interested in playing in the league teams. If you wish to participate ensure that your name is down on the league sheet you wish to play in. It is from these sheets that teams will be selected by the Team Captains. 

It is sincerely hoped that all members enjoy a happy and successful bowling season in 2024 and continued good health.

John Sibley     

Hon. Secretary                                                                19 February  2024