Opening Day 2022

Sunday, 13th February 2022

Opening Day this year will be on Sunday 10th April.

Opening Day this year will be on Sunday 10th April. We are opening earlier this year as Easter is the following weekend and as the Eden Valley League starts on Tuesday 26th  April it will be too late to open on the 17th April. 

Lunch will be served in the Bower at 1pm (please gather from 12.30pm). Lunch will cost £10. Lunch is, of course, optional but those wishing to participate must book beforehand. To guarantee a ticket members are advised to add their names to the list displayed in the Bower. It would be appreciated if payment for the lunch could be made in advance at the Coffee Morning on the 2nd April. 

Members are reminded that it is traditional on this occasion to wear full club“uniform”. Newer members may not have full uniform in which case club shirt (or plain white shirt) & navy pullover will suffice with grey trousers for men and navy trousers for ladies.

After a photocall the Green will be officially opened at 2.30pm, followed by a “spider”and then a mixed jumble (subject to green availability).